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Last Years Fantastic Line Up (2018)

Main Stage - The Mark Davidson Stage

  • 11.00am - 11.20am InsingC Choir [BIO]
  • 11.30am - 11.50am Ziko Hart - Harp [BIO]
  • 12.00am - 12.30pm Mish Shell - Singer Song writer [BIO]
  • 12.40pm - 1.10pm Barry Charles - Blues
  • 1.30pm - 2.00pm To The Skies - Soft Rock [BIO]
  • 2.20pm - 2.50pm Busking Awards
  • 2.50pm - 3.00pm Spiral Dance Group
  • 3.20pm - 3.50pm Uncle Bobs Jug Band - Bush Music [BIO]
  • 4.05pm - 4.25pm The Welders - Aussie Rock [BIO]
  • 4.45pm - 5.25pm Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys - Aussie Rock [BIO]
  • 5.45pm - 6.15pm Deadly Tide - Rock
  • 6.30pm - Noosa’s biggest laser show

Acoustic Stage

  • 11am -1pm Busking Finals
  • 1.10am - 1.30pm Oz Bayldon [BIO]
  • 1.40pm - 2.00pm Eathan Roberts [BIO]
  • 2.10pm - 2.30pm Phippsy
  • 2.40pm - 3.00pm Georgie Germano [BIO]
  • 3.10pm - 3.30pm Troy Justin Stegert
  • 3.40pm - 4.00pm Jeff Leonard [BIO]
  • 4.10pm - 4.40pm Supersoaker [BIO]
  • 4.50pm - 5.30pm Ryan Giles

Stage 3 - Noosa Yacht and Rowing Club

  • 2.00pm - 5.00pm Vodville - Good time cover band over the looking the river

Stage 4 - The Busking Stage @ The Boathouse

  • 2.00pm - 5.00pm See all the best of Saturdays buskers in the beautiful surroundings of the Boathouse and the Noosa River Buskers

The Field - Noosa Come Together

  • Over Saturday 10th June The Circus Tribe [BIO]
Noosa Come Together
Noosa Come Together ×
Family Events

Mish Shell - Singer Song writer

1.30pm - 2pm

With over 200 originals up one sleeve & Mish Shell wearing her heart on the other, in a blink of an eye songs have poured out of this unique individuals pores while her 'Maton' is in her hands. Her much anticipated album 'Tetris & Triangles' was released earlier this year and is now available on iTunes and all major streaming services. "Mish Shells album takes you on a journey in life and love through song and is told so beautifully that each song takes its time to let you go from its incredibly versed prowess." jSun FM 101.3

Mish Shell - Singer Song writer ×


4.10pm - 4.40pm

Introducing ‘Supersoaker’, Sunshine Coast Rock covers band.

These guys are about as fun as it gets when it comes to playing old school & up to date rock music, & making the crowd feel good with a wide variety of songs….something for everyone!

Lee & Jase have had 8 yrs. playing Sunny Coast Venues as ‘The Kemistry’.

Jase & Matt played as ‘Navaho Joe’ for 5 years previous.

Combine these music professionals & you have ‘Supersoaker’, the evolution of these bands.

The focus of Supersoaker is to perform great rockin’ party songs so that everyone enjoys the show.

Contact details:
Jase - 0411 399 131



4.05pm - 4.25pm

Four piece rock outfit still not worn out.

Great sonics, solid tunes.

“So shake the dust off of your wings and the sleep out of your eyes” ~ Townes Van Zandt

Welders ×

The Circus Tribe

Over Sunday 10th June

The Circus Tribe is a collective, dedicated to spreading Joy, Happiness & Love through the performing arts.

We bring together Stilts Walking I Hula Hooping I Poi Spinning I Drumming Circle I Didgeredoo I Fireshows I Dancing.

The Circus Tribe creates an atmosphere of celebration and wonder to stimulate the imagination, connect community, uplift and inspire.

The Circus Tribe ×

InsingC Choir

11.00am - 11.10am

InSingC Choir, established by Kath Williams and a bunch of keen singers in 2008, is a gathering of like minded souls drawn together by their love of singing. Meeting weekly on Thursday evenings, InsingC Choir has a great time! We workshop, rehearse and perform an eclectic repertoire of contemporary songs and arrangements, mostly acapella, which vary from traditional gospel to blues to pop, rock and soul.

New members are warmly welcomed by the group and no experience is necessary to join. There is no scary audition, just a wish to get into the joy of singing.

Vocal technique and instruction is included every week with director and professional vocal teacher Kath Williams, so you will progress quickly and gain confidence in a supportive environment.


Ziko Hart - Harp

11.20am - 11.40am

Ziko Hart is a multi-­‐instrumentalist with a passion for connecting people to the natural world, and their emotions, through his music.For over three decades he has been playing unusual instruments from around the world, and creating contemporary music from this fusion of traditional and unique instruments. Ziko has immersed himself in developing a new style of music, utilizing the warm tones of the African and traditional harps to create a unique mellow sound that brings a sense of peace and joyful ease to his audience. Most of his beautiful instruments are hand-­‐crafted by himself. /zikohartmusic.

Ziko Hart - Harp ×

Georgie Germano

2.40pm - 3.00pm

Authentic, unique and just a little bit left of centre.

Georgie Germano, Singer, songwriter, guitarist and percussionist and consum­ mate performer

Rising with her original compositions and performances. Georgie has been driven with a passion to freely express her sounds and words ... You will hear and hear and see she feels a unique bond with her stories and messages.

Her musical background, experience and knowledge are many and varied. From singing as a Soprano/ Alto in an acapella choir with renowned composer Andrew Emmet. Georgie has appeared at many Music Festivals in Australia. The Sunshine Coast Blues Festival, perfoming with The Blues Choir. Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson at the Byron Bay Blues Fest, backing vocals and percussion and performing in the Album launch choir for With Hat Fitz and Cara Robinson in Brisbane and The Sunshine Coast. Mitchell Creek Blues Festival, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Mary River Festival, Singing and playing Guitar, performing as Georgie and the Heartbeats.

Jon Hunt Blues, Jazz, Rock Pianist

A Professional Musician for 36 years. Most of that time based in Sydney NSW but travelling the world playing piano, guitar and singing. Jon is a published composer working across the entertainment in­ dustries. Music, Television and Radio. Jon is also an accomplished live sound and recording engineer and producer. Work credits include Chasing The Train, , Grundy Television, Hunters and Collectors, Jimmy Barnes, John Paul Young band, The Cockroaches,, To name just a few.

Georgie and Jon play a blend of unique original songs and renditions , every one of them telling a story. They have been performing around the sunshine coast together for the past year.

Georgie has just released her new single "Picture on the wall" on Groundswell Records and is now completing an Album for release in 2019.

Joined by John Bennetts of The Eurogliders on drums and West Australia Rock Hall of Fame inductee.

Single available here

Georgie Germano ×

Jeff Leonard

3.40pm - 4pm

Jeff’s been playing and touring for 10 years. He has been a regular on the North Coast circuit playing along side local legends including Barry Charles, Oz Bayldon, Andrea Kirwin and Dave Flower. In 2014, he was approached to write a soundtrack for Snowsurf, an international snowboarding/surfing movie that has featured in film festivals in America, Europe, Japan and Brazil.

Recently, Jeff touched the hearts of Eastern Australia, with a story and song about a young boy who had lost his mum. Jeff had met the boy and his father while holidaying in Darwin. On returning home, he wrote a song for the boy but was unable to give it to him. Finally after two and a half years of searching, which involved Facebook, local newspapers and current affair show, The Project, he was reunited with this young boy. Jeff will be playing a tribute show for Angus in May, when he, his father and grand parents will travel up from Melbourne to reunite with Jeff.

Jeff’s laidback sounds are a mix of folk and soft blues-rock, which are always a crowd pleaser.

Performances include:

Jeff Leonard

Socially here at:
Powder Glide with Balcony TV


Ethan Roberts

1.40pm - 2.00pm

Hailing from Gympie, Queensland, this prolific songwriter has finally showcased his original music in his debut EP ‘Tantamount’ which will be released in 2019.

The project is all about making music with gripping melodies, honest lyrics and organic production aesthetics that genuinely add value to the performance of the artist. When most people picture the stereotypical solo singer/songwriter, they might instantly think of a lonesome guy, whispering introspective lyrics while gently strumming his acoustic guitar. Ethan Roberts swiftly defies that cliché, with whimsical and colorful songs that blur the lines between genre definitions without compromising in terms of integrity and intimacy.

Regularly performing throughout the famed Sunshine Coast as a solo act or as a member of alt-rock group FLINTLOCK, Ethan decided that it was about time to start a new project, focusing on performing some of his original songs with a band.

His songwriting is eclectic and diverse, making for a sound that is hard to categorize and enclose in a box. Ethan Roberts makes music that is influenced by artists as diverse as David Bowie, Ed Sheeran, Jack Johnson and Johnny Cash, just to name a few.

Find out more about Ethan Roberts and don’t miss out on upcoming releases, activities or events from the artist:
Instagram: @ethanrobertsmusic
Contact: 0433 078 199

Ethan Roberts ×

To The Skies - Soft Rock

11.50am - 12.20pm

To The Skies have exploded onto the scene of the Sunshine Coast in their short time together as a band. Formed in 2015, To The Skies have already performed at many of the finest venues on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, played live on air, had radio interviews and in 2017 and 2019 headlined the enormous annual Summer Skyshow, presented by Hot 91.1. To The Skies have recently recorded their debut EP at Heliport Studios and are eagerly awaiting its release.

To The Skies - Soft Rock ×

Uncle Bobs Jug Band - Bush Music

3.20pm - 4pm



One of Australia’s favourite Variety Bands with 5 diverse and very talented musicians, spanning decades of experience in the music industry, bringing it all together with laughter and spontaneity. Enjoyment is guaranteed for all who see them perform.

With instruments such as tea chest bass, mandolin, washboards, lead guitar, harmonica, rhythm guitar, kazoo, dobro and of course jug, combined with five part harmonies and occasional thong clapping, makes their foot stomping performances quite unique.

Uncle Bob’s Jug Band Established over 32 years ago and still going stronger than ever and have performed at various major Australian Festivals with several awards to their credit. The boys hail from Eumundi (home of the Markets) on the Sunshine Coast Qld.

The Juggies are the worlds most amazing, unpredictable, band of misfits that has been around since the dawn of time and has so many different members the band forgets who is who.

The jug bands diet consists of beer, grass clippings and moonshine, they have played all over the country and some members even claim they have been to other planets.

So if you haven't seen the jug band before... YOU SHOULD! Their explosive performance is not to be missed... with humor!

The band began in the 1980's and has involved many members over the years including such names as: JEFF, HATZ FITZ, ERROL, DICKO, MICK, SPY, BROWNIE, LENNY, COL FITZ, among others.

Duck for Cover Entertainers Group Policy Number 71 0182031 LCP valid until 12 August 2019



UBJB new shot ×

Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys - Aussie Rock

4.20pm - 5pm

Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys tunes spin around the globe among a new world of 2019 melody millennials as this NSW rockin 5 piece’s latest album Sugar Baby smashes its way onto the ARIA Charts 3 days after its release with their 10 cuts of varying styles.

Frequenting global digital charts in 2019 for months plus on & offshore radio airplay & play listing on Spotify among other digital streamers. Sugar Baby two lead album tracks Rack It Up & Let It Roll (rock) plus Destiny (pop);
find their home on the iTunes US Top 100 Charts & in Spain on Reggae Summer Beach - ‘Language of Arp’ (reggae/rock), Breaking Rock Artists - ‘Dirty Water’ (hip-hop/rock) are just some the tunes folks are digging from the current Sugar Baby album.

Letting go mid feb Rack It Up & Let It Roll music video gains traction with its modern thought provoking visual of elite conspiracy theories & introduces you to the ROCKER within; delivering a straight ahead rock tune that infectiously incites fluidly prolific chanting. Despite their apparent rock status of gritty vocals & power chords
Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys definitely twist out a lushly woven live vibe with a variance of music across their 4 albums.

Clinching out a dash of R&B, a splash of Pop, a little soul & some perfect rock harmonies that all flows with their essence; modern rock & catchy hooks. Their high energy live imprint is refreshing & unique with some grooving tunes keeping a vibed ambience within their sweet sounded sets & their diversity does not fall short of sparking global organic sonic attraction.

Socially here at:

Mark Cashin & The Lil Hussys ×

Maddison Clarke

1.10am - 1.30pm

I am Maddison Clarke and I am 15 years old. I have been singing since I could talk and have loved every minute of it. I began having singing lessons when I was 8 years old and have continued ever since. I play the guitar to accompany my voice which lead me to write my own songs which got me to where I am today. I have always been quite shy if ever I needed to do anything in front of an audience whether it be a speech or just standing up next to someone. This lead me to be terribly nervous when I first performed a song in front of a crowd at the age of 8. I continued to do more and more performances at different venues which lead me to gain more confidence each time I performed. First I performed at open mic nights and showcase events at a number of different venues on the Sunshine Coast. More recently I have performed for larger audiences at local venues, school performances and local music festivals. For the past 3 years I have been in the local competition the Battle of the Rising Stars and have made it to the finals each year. Last year after making it into the finals, I won the soloist section of the competition. This was such a satisfying achievement given the amazing talent throughout this competition. I have been writing my own songs since I was 10 years old and have written around 15 songs in total. My goal is to record 8 of my own songs and 2 covers on an album. I am also hoping to get 1 of my songs onto Triple j unearthed in the near future.

Maddison Clarke ×